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My Rock & Roll with the Choraliers


On this date, The Mad Ants took the original reference mix of My Rock & Roll that the Choraliers used to sing against, and added their performance which was recorded 11-8-13 in The Portage High School Auditorium. They were recorded with just two microphones capturing the natural ambient sound of their harmonies created by the auditorium stage. Listening and finding the right balance between the Mad Ants choir of voices and the Choraliers voices, there was a tendency to make the Choraliers really loud in the mix. Partly because of the huge effect it had on the song and the rich sound that was being injected. With them loud in the mix, it was starting to take away from the original charm that was sung by these rock and rollers known as The Mad Ants. Next, tried having the Choraliers really low in the mix, and with a feeling of guilt, felt that this would disappoint these student singers, but more than that, being low in the mix just wasn’t working. All we should be doing is working for the song. Muting the Choraliers, you could definitely hear the difference. Laboring over it, found the right balance.

They sang from start to finish (all 6 plus minutes) and this arrangement was conceived completely by Choir Director Mr. Riegle and the students. Up to arriving at the auditorium, we had no idea what to expect. We were greatly pleased when they opened their mouths though. Even got a little teary-eyed.

Struggling with the idea of “too much” or “not enough” Choraliers, we remembered what we were originally trying to accomplish; to add a “response” from a choir to the choir we created. To answer and grow as a sound. The Mad Ants choir sings the first refrain of each chorus, and the Choraliers respond to it in this mix, building and building strength as the song climaxes.

One small note; They sang the lyrics at the end of the song twice, which had them singing over the guitar solo right before the end, so in the end we muted the first set of lyrics, and kept kept the second set backing up the lead at the very end.

My Rock And Roll will get it’s final mix in Brazil by producer/engineer AndreT. We have no idea what he may throw out or keep in. Overall, he has been amazing with his interpretation of the songs we’ve sent him. Generous in not altering the tracks we recorded, but having the good sense to throw out the kitchen sink that we so dearly and lovingly like to throw in. It’s rock and roll. Of course there are going to be 15 guitar tracks.