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Album Sales

Album Sales for “international anthem” are off to a slow start, but in this day in age it’s not surprising. We are all really proud of this album and expect at some point it will catch fire with an audience that can appreciate what authenticity has to offer. We make no shocking claims like it was done in 3 days, but if and when you do dive into what’s on this album, you are listening to instantaneous inspiration from human hands and minds with no thought about the outcome. Most of the songs were done in one take, two at the most. And the tracks that were overdubbed for each song were all done in one session, as much as a year later than the basic tracks were laid. It’s still very pleasing to know that Andre T (who mixed I.A.) could have very easily put his stamp on the sound of this album, cut out parts or even considered adding parts, but he didn’t. He fully understood what this band sounds like without ever meeting the guys (other than me) or hearing the band live, and took no liberties with the tracks that were sent to him. Instead, he made his mixes, I believe, based on the reference mix I sent him, before sending him the individual tracks. He had the good sense to only tighten up the sound, punch up the drums, and melt the vocals and solos right there where they needed to be. Check it some time. Like to hear your thoughts.  JJ