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The Mad Ants are a rock band and recording act from Portage, Indiana whose eighth album International Anthem is available exclusively on

From their album, Hey, Who Paid the Rent? the song, Elvis, has been heard around the world in the Stephen King thriller Sometimes They Come Back Again.

Chances are you've heard Mad Ants music before. More than 30 of their songs have been featured in films, TV programs, Showtime, HBO, and International TV commercials.

The band's live performances feature Mad Ants music, but are also prone to include punched-up rocking renditions of classic rock songs by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Elvis Presley, The Kinks, Neil Diamond, and more.

The Mad Ants are known for their rocking live shows that really work up the crowd. Get ready for great guitars, pounding drums and a fun night of entertainment.

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An electric rock performance; vocals, guitars, bass and drums.
An unplugged acoustic setting; single, duo or with full band.

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