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Mixed and just waiting on Artwork….

Well, Brazil engineer/producer “Andre T” did an amazing job mixing and mastering “international anthem” and Russ Marra’s sketches for the cover and new logo are amazing…just waiting for him to deliver the final artwork. In the meantime, the band went into rehearsal mode and are now prepared for a summer full of concerts. I had also written a few new songs in the last year, some on the novelty side, but we managed to track three of them and they came out really good.

We recorded 35 original songs for I.A. and I’m still of the mindset of just 13 for this album. Would love to do a double album one day, but business wise, it just doesn’t make sense to do this now with the majority of listeners more in tune with singles.

After all the tracks were laid for I.A. we were in such a good recording mode, we recorded 26 popular classic rock songs that we punched up quite a bit, but have completed only 4 of them. We’ve laid a lot of overdubs on them, and most are nearly finished. Not sure what we will do with them, but if worthy, will release an album of covers, some time in the next couple of years. My favorite versions so far are; The Kinks, “sunny afternoon”, David Bowie’s “ashes to ashes”, Elvis’ “suspicious minds” and Vanilla Fudge’s “keeps me hanging on”. These are not all that different than the original, in tempo anyway, but I’d say we did justice to these numbers. I posted three of them on the site.

JJ 6-10-14