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Mixing August 13, 2013

August 13, 2013…tonight, made a mix of Nature’s Way by Spirit. Last year we recorded this song, and 26 other popular rock songs that we take to the stage now and then. We tend to put our own spin on classic rock songs we really like. I think it sounds pretty sexy, but I can already tell my mix is a little flat compared to Solitary Man. It was a pretty quick mix; For one thing, I had Ben’s fader too hot during the solo. It took me by surprise, jumping out of the mix, but I just left it cranked while he rips away. (I’m mixing analog again). It’s probably too loud, but I like it loud. He’s really upped the anty (get it?) with his last few solos. Home Run Ben. It’s worth checking out just to hear what a guy can do with a Les Paul plugged straight into a Musicman Amp. Anyway…I invite anyone who loves to hear new music, even if it’ re-baked music, to come on in to and check out this rough mix. It will only be here for 36 hours. Be a fan. Act like a fan. Capture this moment in time, as the recording will certainly change. And you will never hear this version again. Unless we are all dead and famous and someone has plunked through miles of tape and found lost gems possibly like this one by the band known as Mad Ants. After 36 hours I will upload a remix. And that mix will go to producer Andre T in Brazil. I don’t think he’s gonna do any more mixes for us on spec like he has been, but you never know. I’d like to hear what he would do to this cover of a very cool song. So there you have it. This is how we did it.