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Laying Tracks August 8, 2013

So, for the past 3 nights I have laying down lead vocals on the cover songs; Come Together, Nature’s way, and Suspicious Minds. My fav at the moment is Nature’s Way. It’s played so well, and really really sexy sounding. Not putting in too much time, maybe 2 hr’s a night. Other things to do, but I’d much rather be doing this. On this date, Ben came here at 10 am. He wasn’t really in the mood to sing, but i did wrangle out of him backing vocals on Nature’s Way and Suspicious. he couldn’t get that high part, and Clyde can only hit it once in a while, so gonna have to bring in the Heather. At the last few shows, she just muscled her way onto our stage and took over a mic, nailing this song. I don’t think she ever sang it before in her life. Certain friends don’t like it when we bring in H to sing on these, but, screw’em huh? If she’s making them kick even harder ass, then her voice belongs. Thank You. Good Night. JJ