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Mad Ants are out with a new album release, “International Anthem,” now being featured on iTunes. I.A. captures the hot mash of 70s rock and delivers fresh interpretations of Reggae, Folk, Salsa and Alt-Country, creating a diverse yet cohesive work. Songs like “Let Me In,” “PeaceTrain” and “Give It Back” slam us to the mat while “I Rule My World” and “I’m Lost” remind us our world is what we make of it. Go to CDBaby.com and you can listen to the entire album for free.

To order “international anthem” on CD (comes with free poster-lyrics) Send a $12.00 Check to: Mad ANTS PO BOX 404 Portage, IN 46368. Make Payable to: MAD ANTS. (also available on a download card) Make it a gift, and we’ll mail it any where in the USA for you! Expect delivery in 7-10 days. Download “international anthem” at:  iTunes, CDBaby.com, Amazon.com and get 6 bonus tracks free.

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International Anthem



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